In this day and age, when our children occupy much of their time with TV, computers and video games, trampolines can be a great source for exercise.   You buy them because they are fun, but while having fun, the jumper gets the benefits of great exercise.  If you are looking for that family fun, then we encourage you to read on and discover the benefits our quality provides.

A J Landmark, Inc has been proudly manufacturing trampolines in the USA since 1985.  Our standard of quality is second to none.  The pursuit to produce the lowest priced trampoline has caused many manufacturers to forfeit features of safety and durability.   To produce the cheapest and the best is impossible.  From exercise to recreational trampolines, we have been the industry leader in quality, value, safety and warranty, without relying on fancy marketing or gimmicks.  We offer straight forward quality with an honest 5 year warranty to back it up.

You will read, on other web sites, about so called innovations.  Although some designs are different, we encourage you to ask these questions. “Are these differences really better?”  “Will these innovations perform better and last longer?”  While we applaud their attempts, we recognize that these innovations have not produced a better, safer trampoline.  Remember, perception does not always produce reality.  Keep in mind, as you compare, HOW a trampoline is used, is the biggest factor in safety.  Quality enhances that.


"Quality, quality, quality. I bought a cheap store brand trampoline and it fell apart. I should have bought quality first. The guys at AJ have replacment pads and springs. I have talked with people that have had their products for ten years plus. I should have bought there first. Great customer service."

Ryan T.


"I ordered a trampoline via phone from AJ Landmark about 5-7 years ago. They couldn't have been more helpful."

Anne H.